Area Service Committee

The Green Mountain Area Service Committees meet on the last Sunday of each month, at Springfield VT Hospital. H&I meets at 5:45 pm on the 3rd Saturday of each month, at the Federated Church, 16 Pleasant St. Marlborough NH

**All Subcommittees meet on the 3rd week of  November & December 2017**

Activities: 10 am Conference Room D
Campout: 11 am, Conference Room D
PR: 12 pm, Conference Room D
ASC: 1:15, Conference Room D

Area Forms

Group Report (31kB PDF)
Group Report – No Lines (36kB DOC)
Officer Report (31kB PDF)
Officer Report – No Lines (36kB DOC)
Motion (15kB PDF)
Motion – No Lines (35kB DOC)
Literature Order Form (revised Apr 29, 2018)(55kB PDF) 


GMANA Guidelines (Aug 2017)
Treasury Guidelines (June 2008)
Back to Basics Campout (Jun 2002)
H&I Guidelines (Feb 2016)
Literature Guidelines
Public Relations Guidelines (Nov 2008)
Website Guidelines (Feb 2017)
Activities Guidelines (Dec 2007)

Service Literature

Green Mountain Area GSR Orientation Packet
Guide to Local Services
Group Booklet
12 Concepts
Group Treasurer’s Workbook